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Self pay only at this time

Self Pay Rate:

Reduced Rate:

Why don't you take insurance?

Self pay provides increased privacy and confidentiality. If a therapist submits your health information to your insurance, your insurance requires a diagnosis and is involved in your treatment. 

Many people seek support to reach a goal or improve their lives in someway-this doesn't mean they have a disorder or a diagnosis. But if you need to utilize your insurance for financial or medical purposes, that's okay too! Psychology Today is a source to locate therapists in your area and you can narrow your search by types of insurances accepted. You've got this!

How do I get a reduced rate?

Please contact me at (813) 803-2230 if you have questions about fees. If you are looking for a therapist, don't let the rates stop you for inquiring as there are options for you. I personally have appointments available for individuals with financial difficulties, but it's up to you to call and see if those slots are open. 

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