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About Jessica

Here's my story

      My story began as a Hillsborough County educator.  After twelve years of working with children and families, my passion to help and strengthen families was brought to life.  Early in my career, I found myself gravitating to the emotional needs of families. This looked like providing resources to help with academic or behavioral needs or supporting the family through hardship or transitions. I would share information and strategies to help, listen and offer comfort, and connect with families on an ongoing basis to see if the strategies were making things better for them. And it made a difference. I think mostly because it was evident that I care; so much can be accomplished when someone cares. When people feel well emotionally, everything else in life falls into place. But sometimes it takes someone who cares to help start the process.  

         I later attended the University of South Florida to pursue my graduate degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. As a part of this program, I earned an additional specialized certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. My practicum experience included providing counseling services in a  private practice setting in South Tampa, offering counseling to couples, families, and individuals including teens and children. In a non-profit setting, I  partnered with the Children's Home Network (CHN) and worked closely with their Kinship program providing individual, family, couples, and group therapy to help families adjust to the guardianship of a child or teen. It was an incredible honor and experience to help these families in our community.

     Currently I am practicing in the Tampa Bay Area under my own private practice Jessica V. White Therapy. As a dual certified therapist, I have the unique training and experience to support individuals as well as families and couples with their mental health. This means I can support couples,  the family as a whole, or an individual within a family system ranging from age 8 to 80. So kids, teens, parents, and grandparents welcome! I must also note that due to the Master's Degree earned, the "Rehabilitation" portion of my mental health degree means I have extensive knowledge and resources to help and guide individuals struggling with chronic illness or medical disorders. 

Life can get difficult, and sometimes a little help, and CARE, from a professional  can make things better. I care about you and caring for people is my passion.  If given the opportunity, through a free 30 minute consultation, I think you will notice the difference we can make together.



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